Measures Taken for the Marine Sector in the Scope of Combating the Corona Virus (Covid-19) Outbreak

In order to prevent the spread the Corona Virus (Covid-19), Turkish Maritime Administration has taken several measures and circulated them to the maritime sector.

These measures aim effective tackling the corona virus outbreak without introduction of obstacles to ship and port operations and continuation of trade without interruption.

The measures can be grouped under three main categories;

  • Measures regarding ships calling Turkish ports,
  • Measures for the continuity of trade,
  • Measures taken to minimize contact at the Harbour Master Offices and to ensure that the maritime industry is least affected by the outbreak.

Details of the measures

  • Vessels arriving Turkish ports should make arrival declarations, including but not limited to “maritime declaration of health” (MDOH), 48 hours prior to arrival at a Turkish port,
  • All seaports are open.  There are no restrictions in handling of cargo vessels. International passenger transportation is suspended.
  • For arriving ships, bridges should be disinfected before the pilot boards,
  • Local passenger ships are allowed to operate with 50% of the passenger capacity.
  • Operation of the commercial yachts are suspended.
  • The coastal facilities and shipyards should implement special measures announced by the Ministry of Health.
  • Extension is provided for the ship documents.
  • Port State Inspections are suspended.
  • Extension is provided for seafarer and ship agents documents, including medical examination documents.
  • Port facility inspections carried out under the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code are postponed.
  • Seafarers on-line in the examinations are suspended.
  • The Amateur Seafarer's Certification trainings and examinations are suspended.